Utah Spiral Jetty

Secluded and unique is one way to describe the Spiral Jetty which is located at Rozel Point on the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. Back in 1970 Robert Smithson chose this area because of its ecological and geological properties. Black basalt rocks a remnant of an ancient lava flow are scattered around this area. The jetty was constructed out of this lava rock and took a crew operating dump trucks, a tractor, and a front loader to move 6,000 tons of rock to create the jetty. The end result was a coil that is 15 feet wide and 1500 feet long. In 1972 the water levels in the lake rose and submerged the jetty until 2002 when droughts caused the lake level to decline. The sculpture has been visible ever since.

Visiting the Spiral Jetty:

Utah Spiral Jetty

If you plan on visiting the jetty here are a few things that will help make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. As we mentioned in this article and Spiral Jetty is secluded and located many miles from any services. It's important to come prepared, with food, water, appropriate clothing, and a full tank of gas. There are no restrooms. The closest restroom is at the Golden Spike Historical Site so plan accordingly. The road to the jetty is a well graded dirt road which can be traversed by most family vehicles including cars, in good weather conditions.

On our visit the Spiral Jetty was dry, however this could easily change with a storm or a rise in the lake elevation. Plan on your shoes or boots getting wet, sandy, and dirty. There are also no garbage cans so if you pack it in, pack it out.

Golden Spike Historical Site:

The road leading to the Golden Spike Historical Site also leads to the jetty. Stop by and enjoy this location as well, and pick up a brochure that provides more information about the Spiral Jetty.

Driving Directions:

From Salt Lake City travel on I-15 for 65 miles to exit 365. Turn right onto UT route 13 towards Corrine Utah. The last gas station is in Corrine.

Continue west for 18 miles. Follow the signs to the Golden Spike National Historic Site.

Utah Spiral Jetty

Turn left onto the Golden Spike Road and travel 7.7 miles to the visitors center. Remember to use the restrooms.

From the visitors center travel 5.6 miles west. At the fork in the road continue left (west). There are signs directing you to the jetty.

Continue 1.4 miles. At this fork, turn right (southwest).

Drive for approximately 9 miles. The road will curve around Rozel Point and end in a cul-de-sac parking area.

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