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Arches National Park

This wall of petroglyphs is located in Arches National Park, just off the Delicate Arch hiking trail. As you make you way up the trail to Delicate Arch you will see a small trail that forks off the main trail. The trail to the petroglyphs is very short and adds approx 10 minutes to your hike, but its well worth it. The stylized horse and rider surrounded by bighorn sheep and dog-like animals is typical of Ute Indian art work.

These petroglyphs were carved sometime between A.D. 1650 and 1850. This rock art panel is important to many Native Americans in this region because it was created by their ancestors. When you visit this area please help protect this rock art by not touching it. The oils from your skin hasten deterioration of these fragile and irreplaceable cultural resources.

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