Waterfall Canyon Hiking Trail

Ranked one of the most popular trails in Ogden, the Waterfall Canyon trail begins at the top of 29th St. The trail head is called the 29th street trail head and is the access point to a series of marked trails including the Bonneville Shoreline trail.

Waterfall Canyon Trail

From the parking lot, the Waterfall Canyon trail heads east and begins to climb its way into the foothills. A portion of this trail leads through private property. In the past this section has been closed by the landowner because of vandalism and trash left by the hikers. Please when making your way through the private section stay on the trail, don’t leave any trash, and respect the landowner's property. You must cross this private property to access the canyon, so do your part in protecting this access.

As you make your way through the private section the trail begins to climb into the canyon. The lower portion of the trail is a wide path that eventually shrinks down to a single track as you make your way up the canyon.

Once in the canyon, the trail follows the creek to the waterfall. There are a few rocky sections, and on our visit the trail was wet due to runoff. A good pair of hiking shoes or boots is recommended for this hike. As you approach the waterfall the base of the fall is steep and covered in loose, slippery rock and requires some effort the closer you get.

Although this trail is considered a moderate hike with a consistent elevation gain all the way to the falls, it’s well worth the effort. Hikers will enjoy the views of the valley, the creek, and the 200ft waterfall.

Waterfall Canyon Trail

Trail Information:

The trail is 2.5 miles long with an elevation gain of 1197 feet.

This is a very popular trail, especially on weekends. The parking lot will fill up fast.

Restrooms are available at the trail head.

Dogs are allowed on the trail, but must remain on a leash at all times.

A portion of this trail travels through the TR Quest Ranch. Please respect this private property.

The trail is open year round.

This is a family kid friendly hike. Just be prepared to stop several times and carry the little ones through the rocky sections of the trail.

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Safety Tips:

Waterfall Canyon Trail

Like mentioned in the article a good pair of hiking shoes or boots are recommended for this hike. The area below the waterfall is loose wet rock and can be very slippery. Use caution around the falls. Climbing above the falls is not allowed and closed. Please don’t attempt to climb the rock above the falls.

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