Wilson Arch

This arch can easily compete with those found in Arches National Park. While driving down US-191 on our way to Moab, we noticed many vehicles and truckers pulled off to the side of the road. At first, we thought it was a rest area, but then as we looked up into the desert landscape there was a beautiful arch. Knowing that this area is famous for its natural arch formations we were surprised to find one so close and accessible to the road.

Wilson Arch

Hiking Wilson Arch:

For those not interested in hiking in the desert heat or don’t have a lot of time, because of the accessibility of the Wilson Arch photographic opportunities are available right from the parking area. Being a little more adventurous, we of course had to hike to the base of the arch. Now we really shouldn’t call this a hike, but more of a climb up a sandy rock face. There was no dedicated trail to the base of the arch, but no matter which way you choose, plan on sand, boulders, and slippery sandstone.


Wilson Arch

If you plan on stopping to hike and enjoy this natural wonder please keep in mind that this is a desert environment and temperatures can be extreme in the warmer months. Bring plenty of water to drink while you enjoy the breathtaking views of Southern, Utah. If you plan to climb up to the base of the arch, be sure to have proper footwear and watch your footing. Once at the top you will find a very large base to sit, relax, and take in the scenery. However, on the backside of the arch there is a very steep cliff so be sure to keep the little ones in sight at all times.


The Wilson Arch is a pet friendly location, but always keep your pet on a leash.


Wilson Arch

The Wilson Arch is approximately 25 miles south of Moab, Utah near the LaSalle Junction. You cannot miss it as the arch is visible from the roadway.

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