Yurt Camping in Utah

Utah has more than 30 yurts available for rent and winter is one of the most enjoyable times to stay in them. These yurts are scattered throughout the state, with the largest concentration being in the Uintah Mountains. So whether you want to stay near a mountain lake or in the desert, you’re good to go.

Yurt Camping Rockport State Park

So what is a yurt? They’re circular, domed tents on a collapsible framework. They are traditionally made of felt or skins, and are used by nomadic cultures in Central Asia. The yurts here in Utah are made out of heavier materials and are rarely portable. For this reason, traditionalists consider them to be more "yurt-inspired" structures than actual yurts.

Yurts are generally much cheaper than hotel rooms and rental cabins. For as little as $30 a night, you can rent an eight-person yurt. Large yurts with more lavish features can definitely be more expensive, but when you figure how many people they can accommodate, their prices are still reasonable.

Here are some of Utah’s best yurt camping locations:

Rockport State Park

Location: Rockport Reservior

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The Rockport Marina currently offers two camping yurts that sleep up to eight people. Winter activities include sledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. Summer activities include fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, and more. If you plan to stay during the winter months be sure to bring warm sleeping bags and extra blankets to help you stay warm during the very cold nights. Restrooms are offered by the State Park and are located down the hill from the yurts.

Yurt Camping Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park

Location: Dead Horse Point

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Dead Horse Point offers three camping yurts, each sleeps a maximum of 6 people. Sleeping arrangements include bunk beds and each yurt is furnished with a table, chairs, and a couch. A deck surrounds the yurt offering a location to relax, and take in the beautiful red rock scenery.

East Canyon State Park

Yurt Camping East Canyon State Park

Location: East Canyon Reservoir

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The East Canyon State Park offers four camping yurts. Each yurt accommodates up to six people and provides: One bunk bed (twin over full); trundle (twin); and one full-size futon. For heat, each yurt is equipped with a thermostat-controlled, propane log stove. Other amenities include a small coffee table, front porch/deck with a picnic table, gas barbeque grill, electrical outlets, and a ceiling light. Drinking water, restrooms with showers, and trash receptacles are located nearby.

Castle Peak Yurt

Location: Uinta Mountains

Size: Sleeps eight

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Located more than six miles from the paved road, this yurt provides wonderful seclusion during the winter. You can either snowmobile or snowshoe in. If you’re snowshoeing, be sure to allot enough time for the trek before nightfall. The yurt comfortably sleeps eight people. There are small pads on the bunk beds, but you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bags. Although it’s rustic, it offers one surprising perk: a sauna hut situated in the trees next to the yurt.

Goblin Valley Yurt

Yurt Camping Goblin Valley State Park

Location: Goblin Valley State Park

Size: Sleeps five

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This yurt offers a one-of-a-kind way to experience the wonders of Goblin Valley. Unlike the sparse Castle Peak yurt, this one offers more amenities and comfort. There’s a nice deck in front, complete with chairs and a grill. Inside, you’ll find a futon and a bunk bed. There’s water provided nearby and a picnic bench for outdoor meals.

Snorkeling Elk Yurt

Location: Tushar Mountains

Size: Sleeps eight

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Welcome to one of the oldest yurts in Utah. It definitely shows its age, but visitors don’t come for pristine living quarters, they come for the absolutely stunning mountain views this yurt offers. There’s also great skiing in the area, so the location provides plenty of daytime activities. Due to the rugged terrain, you’re required to get a guide on your first trip to the yurt. This involves an additional fee, but it’s worth it to know that you’ll reach your destination safely.

Grizzly Ridge Yurt

Grizzly Ridge Yurt

Location: Ashley National Forest

Size: Sleeps eight

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At an elevation of 9,200 feet, the Grizzly Ridge yurt offers amazing views and abundant wildlife. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular winter activities. It has two bunk beds with mattresses, but you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bags. If you’re an angler, it’s important to note that this yurt is only a short drive from Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Blue Sky Antelope Yurt

Location: Wanship

Size: Sleeps six

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Because it’s one of the newest yurts in the state, the Blue Sky Antelope yurt is in excellent condition. It uses solar energy to power its indoor lights and even boasts laminate flooring. There’s a large deck to hang out on and a picnic table. It’s located in the hill country, so you’ll get uninhibited stargazing and the chance to see lots of wildlife.

Talking Mountain Yurts

Location: Moab, Utah

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Talking Mountain Yurts is a backcountry lodging experience located in the La Sal Mountains near Moab, Utah. They provide yurts as lodging with bunks to accommodate 8 people. Each yurt comes with a fully equipped kitchen area with a propane cook stove, table, chairs, and a wood burning stove for heat. Yurt locations have been picked specifically to put guests at the starting gate of their next outdoor adventure!

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