Cascade Springs

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Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is a must see for those heading over American Fork canyon on the Alpine Scenic Loop. The springs are fed by precipitation from the mountains above.

Seven million gallons of water a day reach the surface of impermeable rock, and flow out to feed the springs. There are two paths that lead from the parking area. One is mildly steep while the other offers a more gentle slope. There is a combination of paved and wood paths that allow visitors to explore beautiful water falls and ponds. There are three 15 min loops that surround the springs major flow areas. So if you are interested in seeing the entire area allow approximately 45 min to complete. The larger ponds are shallow and clear which make it easy to see the native cutthroat trout swimming in the reeds. 

Directions And More Information:

Cascade Springs

To get to Cascade Springs take the Alpine Scenic Loop up American Fork canyon. From the summit of the Alpine Scenic Loop you will come to a turn off that will be marked Cascade Springs. A word of caution. The Alpine Scenic Loop road is very narrow. It is not recommend to take vehicles longer then 30 feet. There are some switch backs that are very tight and you may experience problems.

Handicap Accessible:

Cascade Springs

The lower trails at Cascade Springs are wheel chair accessible. The upper trails are more steep, and require climbing of some stairs.


Located in the Uinta National Forest in the Wasatch Range,east of American Fork Canyon and west of Wasatch Mountain State Park.

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