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Utah offers over a 1000 fishable lakes and streams as well as blue ribbon fisheries such as the Green River. Utah fishing is open year around. Species range from the popular rainbow and cutthroat to large mackinaw and Brown trout to striped bass, walleye, bluegill, whitefish, the Bonneville cisco and many others.

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Echo Ice Fishing - Happy New Year! Video

Ice fishing Echo Reservoir new year day 2017. More Information!



Ice Fishing Scofield Reservoir 2014 Video

The 2014/15 ice fishing has begun. Our first ice fishing trip of the season was at Scofield Reservoir. We parked at the Scofield State Park and walked straight out from the boat ramp. The water was around 15 feet deep and the trout seemed to be hovering around 7 to 8 feet. The bait of choice was a small green tear drop jig, tipped with a nightcrawler. The action was fast for trout and the occasional chub. More Information!

Winter Fly Fishing Utah

Fly fishing in the winter is a blast. It's probably one of my favorite times of year to get out and fling flies, to be honest. The crowds thin out, the rivers are slower and more manageable, and the fish seem to be just a bit more feisty as well. . More Information!

Catfishing Utah Lake

Utah lake offers two species of catfish: The channel catfish (Ictalurus puncatus) has bluish gray to silvery sides, usually with dark spots on smaller fish, and the tail has a deep fork. The Bullhead or commonly known as the Mudcat (Ictalurus melas) is smaller then the channel catfish with the average being about 12 inches. Mudcats are blackish-olive with a yellowish belly. They have a very large head that makes up most of the fishes weight. More Information!

Fishing the American Fork River Video

It was a sunny, gorgeous day on Oct 30, 2014, so we decided to head to American Fork Canyon and spinner fish the American Fork River. Since the river is much cooler this time of year, it makes spinner fishing a little more challenging. More Information!

6 Tips to Lure Fishing in Utah’s Creeks

Many people who enjoy the great outdoors drive by some of Utah’s beautiful creeks and pay no attention to the possible fishing opportunities. The size, the shallow water, and the location may lead them to believe there are no fish in these waters. Most of Utah’s creeks have a population of fish. The fish are either planted by the Division of Wildlife Resources or the creeks are populated by the lakes that feed them. There are dozens of small fishable creeks within an hour of the Wasatch front. More Information!

Fishing The Big Cottonwood Canyon Creek

Big Cottonwood Canyon is famous for its ski resorts, hiking trails and beautiful scenery, but what about the stream that runs all the way down the canyon? This stream offers some great fishing opportunities for small pan size trout. There are several locations to access this stream, as it flows through several campgrounds and picnic areas. There are also several pullouts off the canyon road that put you within a short distance of some fantastic fishing holes. More Information!

Ice fishing Mantua Reservoir (Video)

The freezing cold temperatures through out the state of Utah have provided those that love Ice Fishing an early start to the Utah Ice Fishing 2013-2014 season. Each year Utah Outdoor Activities likes to start the season at Mantua Reservoir for several reasons; it freezes over first due to its location up Sardine Canyon, and it's a great location to catch multiple species of fish such as Trout, Bluegill, Perch, and we even here there is the opportunity to catch Bass. More Information!

Mill Hollow Reservoir

Mill Hollow Reservoir is located in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. This man made reservoir sits at an elevation of 8,843 feet above sea level. Mill Hollow Reservoir is an artificial stabilized lake maintained by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to provide angling opportunities for Utahns. The reservoir is stocked regularly with Rainbow, Brook and Albino Trout. More Information!

Utah Botanical Center

The Utah Botanical Center offers visitors many recreational activities such as fishing, wildlife viewing, walking the trail system, visiting the Rasmussen Teaching Garden and over 100 species of trees in the arboretum. More Information!

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