The Box Canyon Hiking Trail - Maple Canyon Utah

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The Box Canyon Hiking Trail - Maple Canyon Utah

Less than one mile up Maple Canyon is the Box Canyon Hiking trail. There will be a pull out to your right and the trail head will appear to be nothing more then a dry streambed. This trail is unmarked so as you head up the canyon keep a lookout to your right for this pull out. This trail is very popular not only for hikers but rock climbers too, so chances are other vehicles will be parked is this area. As you begin this hike you will immediately understand where the canyon got its name.

The rock walls tower hundreds of feet over your head with the widest part of the base being approx. 25 feet across. Around every corner of this hike offers unique features such as flora growing out of the rock surfaces, small and large caves in the canyon walls, and rock walls overhanging the trail below. As you continue up the trail you will come to a section of large boulders that have broke from the walls and plummeted to the floor below. Some of these boulders you can simple walk around, or climb over, but others are so large they require you to go beneath them and make your way through small cracks in the rock to continue up the trail.

The Box Canyon Hiking Trail - Maple Canyon Utah

After making your way beneath several boulders you will reach two very large boulders that require you to climb a short distance using a rope that has been secured to the wall. Once you make this climb you will have a few more boulders to maneuver around and then you will pass through a very narrow section to arrive at a slow flowing waterfall. You may continue up the trail along the waterfall if you choose, someone has placed a rope to assist you, but it is not recommend with out the proper gear. The rock is very slippery and the waterfall is approx 30 feet high.

This narrow canyon was carved by water and what I have been calling the trail is actually a streambed that stays dry most of the year. Be sure to watch the skies when hiking this canyon and remember certain times of the year may determine if water will be flowing out of this canyon. While leaving the canyon we stopped and talked to some of the local rock climbers, who told us that there are several rock climbing routes available in this canyon for those who enjoy this sport. They also made us aware that this canyon is actually private property and the same family has owned it since the mid 1800 hundreds.

The Box Canyon Hiking Trail - Maple Canyon Utah

Once again Utah Outdoor Activities requests that you keep in mind this canyon could be closed at anytime if we the users don’t respect the landowners, so please do your part to help protect this canyon.

Driving Directions:

From Salt Lake City take I-15 South to Nephi Utah. At Nephi take exit 225 to Manti/Ephraim. Travel on Highway 132 to Fountain Green. Once you enter the town you will see a sign for Maple canyon. Turn right on 400-south and travel approx 6 miles to Freedom Road. From this point just following the signs.

More Information:

Location- Maple Canyon Utah

Fountain Green, Utah

Maple Canyon Campground

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