Maple Canyon - Fountain Green Utah

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Maple Canyon - Fountain Green Utah

Maple Canyon is located South West of Fountain Green Utah by the small town of Freedom. This canyon is rated one of the top locations in the world for rock climbing. The reason for this is that Maple Canyon offers such diverse climbing opportunities to match any climbing skill. The rock walls are filled with thousands of imbedded cobblestones, which makes every climb in this canyon very unique.

This canyon offers hundreds of established climbing routes that range from walls less then ten feet high to hundreds of feet, and for those more advanced climbers there are several large over hangs. If climbing is not your thing don't worry this canyon offers several other activities such as hiking, ATV trails, camping, picnicking and more. Located less then one mile up Maple Canyon is the Box Canyon hiking trail. This trail will lead you into a narrow canyon where the rock walls will tower hundreds of feet over your head. Every corner of this hike offers unique features such as flora growing out of the rock surfaces, small and large caves in the canyon walls, and rock walls overhanging the trail below.

The Maple Canyon campground offers 13 campsites with fire rings, grills, tables and pit toilet restrooms. This campground offers no electricity, water or sewer hookups. At the end of the Maple Canyon campground are two large parking areas with a marked trailhead to your left. This trail will lead you to the Huge Cave, along with several other established climbing routes such as Toxic Potatoes, Deliverance and Dang Awesome. The Huge Cave however may very well be one of the largest natural caves you will ever see, hence the name Huge Cave.

The campground marks the end of the improved canyon road and this is where your ATV comes in handy. The Maple Canyon / Log Canyon ATV Trail Loop is a 34-mile loop. This trail offers beautiful views of Maple Canyon from above, and leads you through thick pine and aspen forests on the way back down.

Maple Canyon - Fountain Green Utah

For you rock climbers this is the place, for everyone else this is still a place to visit, hike and just take in the beautiful rock formations and scenery this canyon has to offer. And for those of us not skilled in rock climbing we can always just sit back and enjoy watching other as they negotiate their way up the canyon walls.

Driving Directions: From Salt Lake City take I-15 South to Nephi Utah. At Nephi take exit 225 to Manti/Ephraim. Travel on Highway 132 to Fountain Green. Once you enter the town you will see a sign for Maple canyon. Turn right on 400-south and travel approx 6 miles to Freedom Road. From this point just following the signs.

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Location- Maple Canyon Utah

Fountain Green, Utah

Maple Canyon Campground

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