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Newhouse Utah

Located 30 miles west of Milford Utah is the old ghost town of Newhouse. Although this area was inhabited as early as 1870 the town never amounted to much until 1900 when Samuel Newhouse purchased the Cactus Mine. Newhouse had a dream to establish a model city for his miners and their families.

The small town consisted of stucco homes, a dancehall, restaurant, and one bar located one mile out of town. In the center of town was a clubhouse. This clubhouse contained a well-stocked library and pool tables. Samuel Newhouse died before the completion of his dream, but his brother Matt Newhouse continued on and completed the town and keep it up and running until 1910, when the oar in the Cactus Mine ran dry.

In 1914 the Cactus Mill was tore down and most of the towns people moved away. Today all that remains of Newhouse's model town are sun-bleached foundations and one old stone house ready to crumble at anytime. While exploring the area we were amazed at all the old glass laying all over the ground. One could just imagine how many old relics are just below the dirt's surface waiting for some lucky visitor to find. Don't forget your metal detector as several washes run through this area. Spend some time and explore this old ghost town and who knows what you may find.

One recommendation we would like to add is stay on the main road. We traveled down a small road to get closer to the old stone house and found ourselves in the middle of hundreds of rusted nails. This is very desolate location and not a good place to have several flat tires. Before traveling to this area please be prepared with extra water, a full gas tank, cell phone etc.

Newhouse Utah

Driving Directions From Beaver to Newhouse:

From Beaver North MAIN STREET and CENTER STREET, turn right onto W Center ST / UT-21. Continue to follow UT-21 for 30.4 miles. After traveling 30.4 miles you will be in Milford. Follow UT-21 down SOUTH MAIN STREET then turn LEFT onto W CENTER ST / UT-21. Continue to follow UT-21. 19.6 miles. After Traveling 19.6 miles you will come to a road that will take you to Newhouse. Turn RIGHT, travel 2.1 miles and this will bring you to Newhouse.

More Information:

Newhouse Ghost Town area GPS coordinates: GPS-N38 28.504 W113 20.435

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