Red Ledges Picnic Area - Diamond Fork Canyon

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Red Ledges Picnic Area

The Red Ledges Picnic Area is located up Diamond Fork Canyon. This picnic area offers picnic tables, grills and restrooms. What makes this picnic area more unique? How about a natural forming red rock arch and beautiful weathered red rock formations, within a hour drive from Salt Lake City.

On our visit we took some time to explore the area and were amazed by the unique formations that were created by the wind and water. The arch is located just above the parking lot. You can hike to the base of the arch and view the large boulders that have broken off, thus creating this natural wonder. One can only wonder if this arch will become like the ones seen in Arches National Park.

When visiting this area be sure to treat it as a desert environment. It is obvious that some areas within in this picnic area will flash flood in a good rain storm. Also Diamond Fork Canyon is famous for Rattlesnakes, so use caution when exploring. On our visit directly below the arch we stumbled into what we think was a Green Prairie Rattlesnake. Keep in mind that Rattlesnakes don't want to see you anymore then you want to see them. Most of the time they will feel you coming and move away.

If your searching for a great location to spend a day with family and friends visit the Red Ledges Picnic Area. Bring your fishing pole and hiking boots and also fish the Diamond Fork River or take a hike to Fifth Water Hot Springs. When visiting this area please respect this natural resource by packing out your trash and please don't leave your mark on the red rock walls.

Red Ledges Picnic Area

Driving Directions:

Take I-15 south to the US-6 (Price/Manti) Exit (exit 258) Take the exit east towards the mountains all the way up Spanish Fork canyon for about 11 miles (from the exit) Not too far after the highway turns from one lane each way to two lanes you will see a turn off on the left side of the road that says Diamond Fork. Take that turn off and follow the road until you see a paved parking on the left side of the road. On the road you will see a sign stating Red Ledges Picnic Area.

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