Silver City Ghost Town

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Silver City Ghost Town

Located approx 2 1/2 miles south of Eureka Utah, you will come to a small sign marking the turn off to Silver City. Silver City was once a bustling mining town with a population of 1500 people. The first silver mine was discovered in 1869 and produced a substantial amount of profit for its British owners.

Silver City had many rich silver producing mines until 1890 when most of the mines encountered water. As the town's richest mines began to close, the town slowly faded out. Just as Silver City was about to become a ghost town Jesse Knight of Knightsville, Utah built a huge Ore Sampling Mill, soon the town began to flourish again. Knight built the East Tintic Railroad into Silver City and built new homes for his many employees. Sliver City continued to survive until 1915 when Knight's Ore Sampling Mill was closed down.

Not much of the town remains today, beside a few old foundations, mine tailings and some old mining equipment. As you explore this site be very cautious of mine shafts, we were hiking on top of one of the old mine tailings piles and discovered an air shaft that was very deep. If we had not been paying attention to our surroundings we could of easily fallen in. We are not sure if this shaft was one that they missed when most of the mines in the area were blocked, or if it opened back up due to erosion around the hole. Please respect private property as there are still active mines in the area today, and I have to say this, if you find an open mine please do not enter it. Silver City Ghost Town These mines are very dangerous, and can contain bad air, and shafts that may not be seen. If you do enter these mines you do so at your own risk. We have taken our kids to Silver City several times, it seems to have a air of nostalgia that they enjoy, not to mention it is a historical site.

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