Timpooneke Trail to Scout Falls

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Timpooneke Trail to Scout Falls

The Timpooneke Trail in American Fork Canyon is one of two trails used to summit Mount Timpanogos. From the trail head, you can see aspen forests, rocky slopes, streams, waterfalls, the pristine Emerald Lake, along with an amazing view of mountain meadows—if you venture the one-way 7.5 miles to the top.

Summiting Mount Timpanogos is a popular activity among hikers looking to stand atop the second highest peak at 11,750 feet in the Wasatch Mountain Range. Making it to the summit requires preparation, time, and the right gear. If you plan to summit Mount Timpanogos via the Timpooneke Trail, be sure to give yourself enough time and pack plenty of food and water.

For those hikers desiring a more leisurely trek, the Timpooneke Trail will also lead you past the Scout Falls. This is a 1.5 mile hike from the trail head to a clearly marked side trail leading to the base of the falls. The flow of the falls depends greatly on the time of year. Springtime will bring heavy runoff and provide a spectacular view of the forces of nature, while autumn will bring a relaxing trickle of water over the moss-covered cliffs. No matter what season you choose the beauty of the falls, the trails, and the mountain vistas are something you should experience.

Timpooneke Trail to Scout Falls

The trail begins at the large parking lot and stock loading ramp in the Timpooneke Campground. To reach the campground, travel 8.3 miles along American Fork Canyon (Highway 92) and turn right on Timpooneke Road. The parking lot will be located on your right. The trail head offers restrooms and a kiosk with trail information and maps for your convenience. American Fork Canyon requires a 3-day pass for $6.00 to be purchased in order to enjoy the many trails, lakes, and other outdoor activities within the canyon.

The Timpooneke Trail is another great example of the many outdoor activities to be enjoyed so close to home. Get out and experience the Wasatch Mountain Range.

More Information:

Timpooneke Trail to Scout Falls

Location: American Fork Canyon

Trail Length: 1.5 Miles

Elevation: Approx 675 feet

Difficulty: Easy

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