The Maple Canyon / Log Canyon ATV Trail Loop - Fountain Green Utah

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The Maple Canyon / Log Canyon ATV Trail Loop - Fountain Green Utah

This ATV trail loop is approx 34 miles round trip that will take you through Maple Canyon; rated one of the top rock climbing locations in the world; and back down Log Canyon. You will be amazed by the completely different diversity of the two canyons. Maple Canyon has sheer cliff walls, where Log Canyon has thick groves of Pines, Aspens and rock formations.

The road leading to Maple Canyon is paved until you reach the mouth of the canyon where the road will immediately turn to dirt. Less then one mile up the canyon you will come to a hiking trail called Box Canyon. There will be a pull out to your right and the trail head will appear to be nothing more then a dry stream bed. I highly recommend you park your ATV's and enjoy this hike into a narrow sheer canyon, I guarantee you will be in awe of the canyon walls towering above your head.

Once you're back to your ATV's you will continue up the road where you will come to the Maple Canyon Campground and day use area. There is a day use fee if you plan to stop here, explore, or have a picnic. However if you do not choose to stop , you will continue up the road, through the campground and this is where the improved canyon road ends, from this point ATV's or four wheel drive is recommend. The road has several rocky sections that you must maneuver through, and provides spectacular views of Maple Canyon from above.

The Maple Canyon / Log Canyon ATV Trail Loop - Fountain Green Utah

The trail will continue up over the mountain and it will appear you are heading down the next canyon when the trail loops around and heads back up to the top. At the top the trail will Y and you will see a sign that says Maple Canyon and Wales Canyon. This sign is approx 3.2 miles from the Maple Canyon campground.

Fork to the right to continue this loop. The next section of this trail will offer some very large ruts and an occasional muddy hole. There will be several other trails that lead off in every direction so be sure to stay on the main trail to continue this loop. Travel 3.1 miles from the Maple/Wales sign to a very large open flat area with a small sign that says Red Cliffs, the trail will Y once again. The fork to the left will take you on the Red Cliffs ATV trail, the fork to the right will take you down Log Canyon. The road leading down Log Canyon is a fairly improved road with just an occasional rut or rocky area. The scenery is beautiful with the road leading through thick pines, aspens and providing views of hoodoo like rock formations.

From the top of Log Canyon you will have to travel approx 8 miles down the mountain to reach Hwy 132. Once at Hwy 132 you will once again see the ATV trail heading south along the highway, take this trail until you reach a large gravel road with a Fountain Green Fish Hatchery sign. Take the dirt road until you see the Fountain Green sign, where you need to turn left. This road will take you to the Fountain Green Fish Hatchery where the road turns to pavement, continue on this paved road for approx one block where the road heads east. Continue heading east until you pass through a small stretch of gravel road, where at the end of the gravel you will turn right and head south.

The Maple Canyon / Log Canyon ATV Trail Loop - Fountain Green Utah

Stay on this road through town until you reach a T (400 south), turn left and head east to State St (Hwy 132). Cross highway 132 and the road will automatically take you south and lead you right back to the ATV trail that runs along side Hwy 132.

All the county roads in town are open to ATV travel so please obey all traffic signs and remember you will be traveling through residential areas. Watch your speed and don't race up and down the roads. Lets keep this privilege open so we can all enjoy it for many years to come.

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Location- Maple Canyon Utah

Fountain Green, Utah

Maple Canyon Campground

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