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Fort Deseret - Millard County

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Fort Deseret is located 10 miles southwest of Delta Utah. The fort was erected in 1865 in defense against the Pahvant Indians in the Black Hawk War. The fort was constructed of adobe mud and straw in only 18 days by 98 men. It was 550' square with walls 10' high, 3' wide at the base and 1 1/2' thick at the top, resting on a lava rock foundation.

Located in the Northwest and Southwest corners were Bastions and each of the side walls were equipped with a gate. The fort was built for the protection of the Mormon settlers to this area but was never used for its sole purpose, instead it housed livestock. Today the only walls still standing of Fort Deseret is the front, small portions of the side walls, one Bastion room and some of the gun turrets. Every year the weather is slowly melting Fort Deseret away.

  • Driving Directions:
  • To get to Fort Deseret travel 5 miles from Delta on highway 50-6
  • to Highway 257. Turn left on 257 and travel 5.4 miles to the
  • parking area.
  • Nearby City - Delta Utah
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