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Trilobite Collecting At U-DIG FOSSILS

Article By Rocky Halladay - Back To Utah Rockhounding

"U-Dig Fossils" provides you with 40 acres of the very best trilobite collecting property in the world. It is located about 52 miles west of Delta, Utah. The most common trilobite fossils found at this location are Elrathia Kingi, Asaphiscus Wheeleri, Peronopsis Interstricta (Agnostus), and the Brachipod. There are less common trilobites to be found as well . The size of trilobite usually found is about an eighth of an inch to 2 inches in length. Just recently a regular to the quarry found a rare trilobite named Olenoides Nevadensis, it is worth well over $2,000.00. Every single fossil that you find is yours to keep. In a two hour period I found at least 15 whole trilobites that were just lying on the ground. Most collectors that purchase trilobite fossils prefer that the trilobites are in the matrix (the rock itself).

The afternoon at "U-Dig Fossils" we Utahans were not alone, there were tourists from Japan, Delaware, and a famous opera singer from Chicago collecting that day. He found a "Asaphiscus Wheeleri" which is a common trilobite but it is a rare find because it is over 2 inches in length. I collected for a little over four hours in the afternoon and found many trilobites. I wish I had arrived at opening and collected the entire day, it was a blast! The saying, "Time flies when you are having fun" definitely applied for me while I looked for trilobites at the quarry.

The people running U-Dig are very helpful and so friendly. They can answer any questions you may have and help you on your way to find fossils. I highly recommend going to U-Dig Fossils, it is worth the drive. Adults will have just as much fun as kids! The minute you arrive you will see trilobites and or pieces of trilobites on the ground. There are two very clean restrooms (outhouses) located at the quarry. You will want to bring plenty of food and lots of water. Make sure you bring safety glasses to wear and gloves to protect your hands. U-Dig provides you with buckets for your collections and the use of their rock hammers, or you may bring your own if you would like.

Driving Directions

From Delta, Utah You will need to travel 32 miles west on Highway 6/50. At the Long Ridge Reservoir sign between mile markers 56-57, turn right. You will see a U-Dig Fossils sign when you start on the dirt road . Travel 20 more miles down a well-maintained gravel road to reach the Trilobite Quarry. The quarry will be to your right. You will see the signs. Any type vehicle can travel this road.

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U-Dig Fossils Delta Utah

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