Miller Canyon Mine Utah's West Desert

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Miller Canyon Mine Utah's West Desert

One of the treats you will be rewarded with when exploring Miller Canyon is the old mine. The old shed, mine chute, and cold house are still in great condition considering its age. Inside the shed is an old motorized pulley system still in the same location as it was over hundred years ago. If you look on the chute you can still see the pulleys and how they once hauled up ore from the depths below.

As you can see from the photos below the mine shaft is still open. Use caution when approaching this area and keep in mind help is hours away. Across the road from the ore chute you can see an old mine leading into the mountain side. I highly recommend not entering this mine or any mine, but if you do, you do so at your own risk and Utah Outdoor Activities can not be held liable for any accidents that may occur. When visiting this mine please respect it as an historical site and help protect this area so it can be viewed and appreciated for many more years to come.

Driving Directions:

From Delta travel approx 44.2 miles on Highway 6-50 to an dirt road marked with an old sign saying "Scenic Byway Loop Rd 6-50". Travel North on this road for approx 4.3 miles to the Miller Canyon sign. Miller Canyon Mine Utah's West Desert From the staging area travel up the canyon via the Amasa ATV Trail to a Y in the road. The trail leading south will take you to the old mine.

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